We know you have questions. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most popular ones and answered them in detail.

Free oil changes, WHAAAT?

Email or call us… but remember you have to pay for the oil and its typically $30.

Expect to spend about 30 minutes to and hour in our waiting area, this is the time utilized to give your car a full check up and for the students to learn proper technique.

Absolutely not, we make our money teaching not by hard selling unnecessary part. We will however tell you about repairs you need now or in the near future.

Why an automotive vocational program??

PitStop WorkShop

Anyone that needs to google how-to  change their spare tires. Remember we do NOT always have google…

Ones that do not understand their car needs regular maintenance…

Mountain drivers and ones that take road trips or long trips home..

We teach you how to check your engine oil, coolant, tires, tire pressure, what you dash lights mean AND how successfully complete a roadside emergency tire change.

Typically about 2 hours, with some classes running longer with those pesky individuals who ask too many questions… 

No, please use the knowledge gained from the PitStop Workshop to aid your mechanic; however, there are some dishonest repair facilities in every community and you are welcome to email us with any follow up questions.

Payment, Donations and online classes

You most definitely can… If you have problems with this please contact us below.

There are any number of ways you and help. First by sharing the great things we are accomplishing here, next could be donation of time if you local to Colorado Springs. Last and most needed is monetary donations. Please click the donate tab above!!

ASV will have a vBlog beginning in 2018 teaching viewers the how to change oil, brakes complete a tune up among many other things.

Contact Us

Phone, email, facebook, smoke signals, morse code….. you name it we will figure it out…